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WHo Is This Filthy Batch?



Food Destroyer. Whiskey Drinker.

Heavy Metal Lover. MIlwaukee Born & Raised.

How Did I Get Here?

After feeling like crap for a very long time, my doc told me that I couldn't eat gluten anymore. 

I cried. [I never cry. Like ever.]

Bread was my world.

Hours upon hours were spent searching online, buying everything gluten free at the co-op, and learning much of it tastes like cardboard.

I struggled to find a resource that helped me fill the void for my love of both simple and elevated dishes.

As soon as I got the hang of it, my tummy was happy and I felt like a new human.

My goal is to help folks looking to change their diet and adhere to dietary restrictions eat food that tastes good - easily, and enjoyably.

These are records of my food frankensteining successes.

Use them to impress people or just feed yourself. 

Who Wants to Be Lonely?

Ask Me Stuff.

I'll Get At Ya.


If you feel lost on where to start with changing your diet - don't hesitate to reach out. I've been there and it's a lot of trial and error. Once you get the hang of it, it'll be the best thing that happened to your guts. I promise.

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