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Extra Noodle Soup

A version of a boxed childhood favorite that happens to cook itself.

GF. V. SF. NF.


6 small stalks celery (sliced)

6 small carrots (sliced into rounds)

1 yellow or white onion (diced)

4ish oz. thin vermicelli rice noodles aka maifun noodles or more if ya like (I use Annie Chun's)

2 32 oz. containers of veggie broth (my fav is Imagine Organic Vegetarian No-Chicken Broth)

2 bay leaves

1 big sprig of fresh thyme

Salt & pep to taste



In a hot pan with a lil oil & salt- saute celery, carrots, and onion until they start to sweat - about 3 mins

Toss sweaty veggies in your crock pot and pour in the broth

Season with salt & pep, toss in the thyme and bay leaves

Pro tip: remember how many leaves & sprigs you throw in so you remember to take them out when it's done (nobody wants a mouthful of hard leaves and twigs)

At this point you can either put the covered crock pot in the refrigerator overnight and start it before work or cook it right away

Let the soup cook in the crock on low for 8 hours (or more if you're at work for too long like me)

Pick out the leafless thyme sprig & bay leaves and discard

Put rice noodles in a big zip bag and get crackin! (mostly so they don't fly around your kitchen)

Break them into smaller pieces so they're easier to eat

Stir in the broken rice noodles & leave on low for another 20 mins

Serve hot with your favorite crackers or crusty bread!

Makes fantastic leftovers - store in mason jars in the refrigerator for up to a week or freeze for later


Vicious Variations:

This brothy soup is so versatile and can be tailored to any taste!

Use any combo of veggies & herbs you love

Try adding fresh parsley, dill, and chives for a herb heavy aromatic soup


Sound Mate:

Saxon - Destiny

My favorite Christopher Cross cover - sorry *NSYNC!

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