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Perfect Grilled Rice. Every Time.

Fire er up!

GF. V. SF. NF.


1 cup of your favorite rice (I use long grain white)

2 cups veggie broth

1 tbsp oil (I use sunflower)

salt & pep

fresh herbs

1 8x8 foil pan (or a giant piece of heavy duty foil to make a packet with)

1 piece of foil to cover the pan



Preheat your grill to 400° (medium heat)

Dump rice, broth, oil, and seasonings in a foil pan

Cover your pan tightly with foil

Set it in the center of your grill, cover, and leave it alone for 20 minutes (or however long your rice says to cook it for)

Take a tongs and give it a good shake to check if it's ready - if you hear it sloshing around, it's not done yet!


It's done when you shake it and it feels solid - you'll know when.

Seriously. That's it!

Serve it with anything. Rice is best friends with all food.

Foil packet instructions:

If you don't have fancy pans laying around, you can take a big ol' sheet of heavy duty foil (for real, it's gotta be heavy)

Fold it in half

On one side adjacent to your fold, make 1/4 inch folds, creasing carefully each time. No rips! Do this 4 times.

Do the same thing on the opposite side

You should end up with a packet that has 1 open end. Just dump in your ingredients and seal tightly using the same fold!

Leave enough room for the rice to poof


Vicious Variations:

Add in any seasonings and herbs you like for unlimited flavor possibilities! You can also add in veggies to make it a one pan meal. Shredded carrots and broccoli work really well.

Homemade broth really sends this over the top. If you have it, use it. You won't be sorry.


Sound Mate:

Amorphis - Tales from The Thousand Lakes

Grilling in February in Wisconsin while wearing short sleeves is confusing, yet amazing. Just like this Finnish beaut.

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