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Veggie Scrap Stock

Put your garbage to good use! GF. V. SF. NF.

You will need:

Veggie scraps (tops, ends, peels, ugly chunks, cores, seeds, etc.)

Large zip bag or big container with a lid (I use a gallon zip feezer bag)

Crock pot


A few jars with lids


During the week while you're chopping/slicing/peeling away, save the normally discarded pieces of veggies in a plastic bag

I'm talking carrot tops, bell pepper cores and seeds, onion tops and butts, celery greens, herb stems, garlic skins, and mushroom stems!

Seriously - whatever you have. Just clean them up and keep them in a sealed bag in the fridge or freezer until you're ready to make stock

When you have a full bag, grab your crock pot and get ready to make the easiest stock everrrrrr

Pack the contents of your veggie bag into the crock pot

Cover with water

Set to low

Go to sleep or work

Come home 8-10 hours later

Strain and discard the cooked-to-death veggies

Pour your beautiful stock into jars

Store in the fridge

That's it!

Use in soups, sauces, or my fav - grilled rice!


Vicious Variations:

Add in beet ends and greens for a pretty pink stock

Add in a handful of cranberries, a few sage leaves, and a few sprigs of thyme for the best thanksgiving tasting stock of all time


Sound Mate:

Steeler - S/T

It's a cold day in hell. Make yourself some stock!

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